Our History

Pioneer Community Church was founded in November of 2003 by MGC Worship Center in Miami, Florida, to be a church that would minister to the needs of the community of Southwest Broward.

The idea for forming a church in Southwest Broward began in the late 1990's, but really began to 'jell' in early 2001. In early 2001, after going to a Promise Keepers conference, a group of men began to meet for prayer on Saturdays. Not only did they meet for prayer, but they were also 'accountability' partners.

Over time, as these men grew closer together, they each began to realize they had a common burden for fulfilling The Great Commission to expand God's Kingdom in Broward County. They shared this burden with their fellow leaders at MGC and the result is Pioneer Community Church.

Although having roots as a Brethren church, the leaders of MGC Worship Center and the resulting Pioneer Community Church wanted to provide a forum for worshipping Jesus Christ that would be relevant and un-inhibiting yet still unwavering in the message of eternal salvation through Jesus Christ.

As such, throughout every step of the way in the journey to start this church, the leaders spent considerable time in prayer and studying the Bible to make sure that any changes in traditions and practices did not depart or deviate from the principles God revealed in the early New Testament churches.

The leaders also recognized and appreciated the fact that God is the author of diversity. Of all the billions of people in the world, there are no two people that are exactly alike. These differences are not only evidenced in physical attributes e.g. race, hair/skin/eye color, but also extends into appreciation of different worship styles. Towards that end, the leaders sought to create a unique worship style that embraces a more contemporary worship style without ignoring some of the practices that defined our history. Thus, in doing so, following the apostle Paul's example of becoming "…all things to everyone, so that by all possible means, many would become Christians (1 Corinthians 9:22)."

The resulting effect is Pioneer Community Church. A church where contemporary Praise & Worship music is embraced as well as the traditional hymns; a place where you can come in dressed up or in casual attire; a place where the weekly Communion Worship Service embraces both traditional and contemporary styles; a place where you can experience the joy of true friendship and Christian fellowship, and experience the sweetness and security of being a part of the Family of God.

Come join us, grow with us, and participate with us as together, we build God's family through love.